GoodUI Evidence

Learn about which GoodUI ideas work best, and which less so. Here are 42 tests which have been shared by others. We also share our own exclusive stories as we optimize real projects.

GoodUI Ideas & Their Median Effect
56 Attention Grabs 53%
Test 19 Time Delayed Modal
22 Gradual Engagement 26%
Test 34 Gradually Engaging Quiz
Test 27 Gradual Book Covers
Test 36 Gradual Reassurance
Test 25 Room Type Choice Before Signup
49 Curiosity 21%
Test 32 Faded Dashboard Just One Click Away
Test 21 Endless Vs. Limited Search Results
Test 13 Small Preview / Teaser Link
44 Smaller Commitments 16.5%
Test 40 Order VS. Upload Buttons
Test 38 Inline Form VS. Overlay Form
Test 1 Single VS. Multi Page Form
Test 20 Without "Try" Buttons
Test 10 With & Without Fields
Test 4 Buy Now VS. Contact Buttons
47 Icon Labels 13%
Test 18 Hamburger Vs. Menu II
Test 17 Hamburger Vs. Menu
Test 16 Hamburger Vs. Hamburger + Menu
37 Recognition 10%
Test 35 Cart Reminders
41 Anchoring 8.8%
Test 5 What It’s Worth
Test 37 Send Or Receive 500 For 4.99
Test 2 Crossed Out List Price Anchor
48 Natural Language 8.2%
Test 14 Words & Forms
Test 15 Words & Forms II
26 Opt-Out 8.1%
Test 24 Auto-Renewal Opt-Out
13 Fewer Form Fields 7.6%
Test 11 No Password Confirmation, No Birthday Fields
Test 28 No Company Field
Test 42 No Coupon Code
65 Authenticity 6%
Test 30 I Even Use My Own Credit Card
16 Keeping Focus 5.6%
Test 12 Featured Blog Posts, No More
  • Test 26 Without Social Buttons
  • Test 29 More Focused Shopping Cart
  • Test 7 A Learn More Link, No More
43 Progressive Disclosure -0.1%
Test 9 Click To See Email Field
Test 39 All Fields VS. Progressive Fields
12 Personality -2.1%
Test 8 Hello, With A Face
20 Exposing Fields -5.2%
Test 41 Segmented Vs. Inline Form
4 Social Proof -7.4%
Test 33 Blog Samples
Test 3 Without & With Comments
Test 22 Lots Of Video Testimonials
Test 31 60,000 People Use This
18 Benefit Buttons -8.3%
Test 6 Yes-I-Want-To Benefit Buttons
64 Storytelling -12%
Test 23 Product Usage Story

Thanks To All The Amazing People Who Shared Their Data

GoodUI Evidence is made possible by awesome people who believe in sharing their amazing A/B tests for others to benefit from. Share your test by reaching out to me (attach at least two screenshots) to make this project even better. We'll provide you with full credits, a link back and a dedicated mention on our 40k+ email list.

Franklin Valadares
Oskar Zabik
Louis Reingold
Steve Benjamins
Jakub Linowski
Andrei Zakhareuski
Rick Dawson
Syed AtiF Husain
Greg Van Horn
Nicole Morris
Dragoi Ciprian
Scott Sharp
James Foster
Daniel Bridges
Justin Baer
Qster Zhao
Heather Gillette
Justin Rondeau
Herman Klein
Emīls Vēveris
Tael Pinault
Henry Dillon
Mr. Anonymous
Mira Y
Vito Mediavilla

Get More Detailed Optimization Stories About How We Use These (And Other) Ideas On Real Projects

GoodUI Evidence shows the effectiveness of basic or isolated ideas, but we also share our process as part of the Datastories project. Each month we share exactly how we use these ideas inside our very best A/B tests along with the insights and hardships we encounter along the way. Learn even more from our exclusive optimization projects.

How Do We Set The Strength Of Effects?

Here is how we color code the effects of each test to make it easier to separate the strong from the weak.

Strong Loser

300+ conversions and a p‑value of 0.03 or smaller

Possible Loser

100+ conversions and a p‑value of 0.25 or smaller


A p‑value higher than 0.25

Possible Winner

100+ conversions and a p‑value of 0.25 or smaller

Strong Winner

300+ conversions and a p‑value of 0.03 or smaller