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May 2016 v1.2
Design higher converting pages, faster, with UI templates inspired by real A/B experiments.

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Get 9+ Of Our Best Converting Blueprint Templates
The Fastforward Blueprints set contains UI patterns which have been directly influenced by successful a/b tests. Each page also has multiple elements (or changes) which have led to an increase in conversions.

Evolving Templates
Today we have 9 patterns, but as we run a/b tests, we will be adding new UI templates to this set.
Conversion Focused
Each Blueprint template is backed by a real a/b experiment and comes with conversion and sample size data.
Flexible & Informative
All templates contain references and annotations to help understand what drove higher conversions.


Page Types

+ Also Receive 3+ Exploratory Templates
The Fastforward Explorations set contains UI patterns which have been inspired by combinations of multiple GoodUI ideas. They are intended to push boundaries, yet still give you enough space to fill in the blanks.

GoodUI Inspired
Each Exploration template is directly inspired by a GoodUI idea.
Purposefully Unfinished
These low fidelity templates have lots of space for you to fill in yourself.
Test Worthy
Being more risky, they are also perfect for taking into your own experiments.


Page Types

+ Also Contains The Interactive Sketching Notation
The Interactive Sketching Notation is a visual language which enables designers to tell more powerful stories of interaction. Through a few simple rules, what the user sees (drawn in greyscale) and does (drawn in red) are unified into a coherent sketching system. Intended for Adobe Illustrator, but friendly towards Balsamiq.

Less Documentation
Merged flows, user stories, sketches and wireframes into one document, it is easier to maintain your work.
Visibility of User Actions
The notation has clear starting points showing user actions explicitly in red. Don't just show the UI - tell a story.
Faster Idea Generation
The notation helps you cut corners and attain greater design speed. Let go of detailing in the beginning.

Interactive Sketching Notation

+ Also Contains The Complete Micropersonas Set
MicroPersonas is an icon set for building and using quick persona like characters in your interaction design deliverables. The set is founded on the belief that personas should be generated rapidly with only those characteristics that influence or inspire design action. This sets works with the Interactive Sketching Notation.

Longer Life Spans
Personas no longer have to live in separate documents where they get lost. Use these little people on top of existing design documents.
Flexible, Leaner & Faster
Pick and choose only persona characteristics which matter without having to write lengthy paragraphs. Less is more.


How Do I Know That The Templates Convert Better?
We run a/b testing experiments on various design ideas for a living. With the Fastforward project, the reusable UI patterns are influenced by the data we capture in real experiments from real consulting projects.

What Sofware Do I Need?
The template set has been designed for Adobe Illustrator CS4+ and Balsamiq Mockups. These are two popular programs which we use and recommend for generating UI concepts.

Will There Be Updates?
Yes, we have more templates and sets planned. Expect more updates in the summer and fall of 2016.

When & Where Can I Get It?
Right about now, right about here. We’ll deliver instantly. :)

Get Your Conversion Focused Templates Today

Free Lifetime Updates Included.
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